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Our skilled team members are trained to calculate the stability of the structure and identify load-bearing / non load-bearing walls.

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Wall removal

Sometimes the answer to extended your living space is right in front of your eyes! Open plan living maximises space for the family and often all that is required is the removal of a wall.

Open plan living maximises space for the family and the removal of a wall or walls is often all that is required to create large, open and livable spaces in an existing home.

Open up kitchens into dining rooms, lounges into family rooms, bring the outside in and enjoy spacious living in your own home.

Our professional team understands load bearing walls require an engineers structural advice as part of this process, so we encourage you talk to us before you reach out for the sledgehammer!

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“We love our home but we really wanted an open plan kitchen. The StartBuild team not only helped us with the renovation, they removed the wall between the kitchen and living room giving us the open plan layout we dreamed of!

John and his team were so easy to work with. Thanks StartBuild!”

– Kelly, Ashfield NSW